Many Device Drivers Sites Bring Malware

Submitted by admin on Sun, 05/31/2020 - 18:16
Many Device Drivers Sites Bring Malware

You would think that download a device driver would be a simple task, but these days unfortunately it has become a painful task for those who like to DIY fixes. If your searching in Google or Bing for device drivers for example for you Windows PC or Laptop you might want to be careful.

There are websites that look legitimate that install Ransomware on your computer asking you to pay a monthly subscription to install drivers on your computer. Now if this hasn’t happened to you, then you are one of the lucky people that have not only fallen for this scam but also can get the software off your machine or get your money back.

There are so many of these sites now that it has become a huge issue keeping track of what sites are legit and which ones actually will provide you with drivers that can actually be used with the devices you need to install or update.

The first stop when looking for drivers should be the original manufactures website to see if they have support for the driver, after that option has been exhausted then the next thing is finding a site that has drivers no strings attached.  

One good site is this site has all the latest drivers, takes requests and has a good following on social media. Recently I need drivers for a Realtek Audio Device for Windows 64bit and I couldn’t find them anywhere without getting some sort of Malware software trying to be installed.