How to Delete a LinkedIn Account

If you wish to close your LinkedIn account, it's a simple process, although it requires knowing where to go. This article explains how to delete your LinkedIn account easily.


  1.     Log in to the LinkedIn account that you intend to close.
  2.     Find the "Name in the right side top and click ".
  3.     Click "Settings", You will get a Help menu in the bottom under which " close account"
  4.     Click this and add the reason . You will have deleted your LinkedIn account.


    There can be a delay of about 72 hours before your LinkedIn profile is removed.
    If you are managing groups, you will need to close them too.
    Cached versions might still be viewable on search engines. You will need to contact the search engines directly to have cached versions removed.
    Contact Customer Service at LinkedIn if you accidentally closed your account. You will need to be able to confirm a primary or secondary email account linked to the accidentally closed account.


    Once this is done, you will no longer have access to either the account or the contact information within it.
    It might be harder closing paid LinkedIn accounts; you might need to cancel your credit card.

Things You'll Need

LinkedIn account