Your Private data is under attack! -removal help

Your Private data is under attack! --help to aviod this scam website

*Stay calm this is not a real alert its a trick*, in this tutorial we will show you how to avoid getting real malware on your system, by not falling for this webpages tricks.

Note: This tutorial doesn't deal with the Malware issue that may have already been installed, it just shows how to avoid it.

Note: If you have already had your computer infected then you will need to update your anti-virus software and spyware removal software.


We found this scam at this website malware-live-pro-scanv1 (dot) com

  • Your computer is under attack... you may have similar page as shown below (fig1)

Malware live pro scan v1


  • Ok when most people see this (fig.2) they get into a panic.... the main thing is to try to close the web-browser because the aim of this page that you see in your web-browser is to get you to click on these what seem like a helpful interface to help you rid something that doesn't exist, but what it actually does is install virus/malware on your computer.
  • So we need to close the web-browser to get rid of this, and we may get some of the following messages. (fig.2) just click the X at the top to attempt to close.


Your computer remains infected by threats! they can cause data loss and files damages and need to be cured as soon as possible



  • Also a fake Windows Security Alert box (fig.3) may be presented this is not from Windows at all please ignore it.

Windows Security Alert



  • The main file you really want to aviod opening is going to look something like this (fig.4) and this will attempt to put Malware on your computer click the cancel buttn, or close with the X


Malware install save as


Dont close this window if you want you PC to  be clean



Again in (fig.5) the webpage is still trying to convince us that we need to install it's Malware.


The best way to stop this Malware/Virus from installing is to stop your web-browser using the "Windows task manager" and stop the web-browser


  • For Internet Explorer the process is iexplore.exe
  • For Firefox the process is firefox.exe
  • For Opera the process is opera.exe

Click here for the tutorial How to stop a program in the Windows task manager