Starting or Stopping Windows Services

In this tutorial we will show you how to stop or start a Windows service, please only do this if you know what you are starting or stopping, as there is a chance you can stop you computer from operating.


  • Start by going to Run (fig.1)

Start Run

fig.1 Start Run

  • Then in the run dialoge (fig.2) box type services.msc and press enter or click ok.


Start Run Services

fig.2 Run dialoge box

  • After some time depending on the speed of your computer and its health, the services interface will load (fig.3)

Windows Services

fig.3 Services interface.


  • In this example we will re-enable the messenger service, this is not msn messenger for more information on this service and how it is used click here.
  • Scroll down this list of services until you find the service you are looking for, in this case messenger right click on the name and go to properties (fig.4) (note you can start or stop a service  with the right click menu)



fig.4 Service properties

  • The properties for the service selected will load (fig.5) this service is disable I want to enable it so I change the service type by selecting from the drop down menu.


fig.5 Service type


  • Automatic is selected (fig.6) then click apply. This will ensure that the service start everytime the computer boots, or when it is called for. If you want to be able to start the service when you need it then you can select manual. Disable speaks for itself this will stop the service from loading at completely.


services-automatiic 2

fig.6 Service automatic


  • Now to start the service click on the start button in (fig.6), this will start loading the service (fig.7)

You can also stop a service pause a service and re-starrt here.


Windows Service starting

fig.7 service loading.


The service is now finished loading.

Congradulations, you now know how to start and stop and restart a service.