Outsourcing corporate intranet with a VPN brief case study

Outsourcing the Intranet makes sense for a company that wants to take the load off the I.T department, increasing business uptime and decreasing the manageable complexity of a network between regional & metropolitan sites.


  • Simplifies the connectivity between sites no matter where they are in Australia.
  • Most providers offer 99.9% uptime.
  • If a leasing or rental of equipment was chosen, the hardware is kept up to date and replaced as per SLA.
  • New sites can be added to the network with ease
  • Service provider can offer low contention ratios based on the connection type.


  • Cost, these services especially BDSL type services can be costly.
  • Contract lengths need to be considered.
  • Un-expected price changes in the future; this could be a Pro too.
  • Network maintenance in regional areas will have a long response time, as per SLA provided.

When look for a suitable solution for your company, the technical side of the site connection to the provider must be considered.

  • Speed
  • Details of network techlologies used
  • Specs of equipent

Recommended companies offering these resources:


Officelink+ www.officelink.net.au

OPTUS www.optus.com.au