Installing Adobe Acrobat Reader Linux

Installing Adobe Acrobat Reader - Download and Install

In this help file we will show you how to install Acrobat reader linux 9.1.1 on Ubuntu, this procedure will most likley be the same for other distributions.

Step1: Download Acrobat Reader linux install file from Adobe Download Area after you placed the file on you computer, (take note of where you placed the file).

  • Click on the launcher and go to Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (fig.1)

Loading Linux Terminal

fig.1 Loading Linux Termnal

  • After the termnal finishes loading (fig.2) at the terminal prompt change the directory to the one where the install package is (in this case it is on my Desktop) and type "sudo ./AdbeRdr9.1.1-1_i486linux_enu.bin " then press the Enter key (the name of you package might differ in version number)

Sudo Password Entry

fig.2 Running the install package.

  • Type the administrator (fig.2) or root password and press the Enter key.
  • The installation will start (fig.3), when prompted for the installation dirctory, just press the Enter key, to leave at the default "opt" directory.

Acrobat Install running

fig.3 Installing Acrobat reader.

  • After the files have been installed you can now run Acrobat reader linux, by either typing "acroread" at the terminal or loading it from the Launcher menu (fig.4)

Acrobat Reader Launcher menu

fig.4 Acrobat Reader on Launcher Menu

  • After clicking the icon on the launcher, Adobe Acrobat Reader for Linux will begin to load (fig.5)

Acrobat loading splash

fig.5 Acrobat Reader Linux loading

  • Read the license if you want, then click accept (fig.6)

Adobe Acrobat Reader Linux License Agreement

fig.6 Adobe Acrobat Reader Linux License Agreement.

  • Then the full reader interface will be loadeded, (fig.7)

Adobe Acrobat Reader Linux

fig.7 Adobe Acrobat Reader Linux

  • You can now open a file! (fig.8)

Adobe Acrobat Reader Linux open file

fig.8 Adobe Acrobat Reader Linux open file


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