How to change your name on facebook

In this tutorial we will go over the easy procedure of how to change your name on facebook

Main reasons to change your name:

  1. Marriage or Divorce
  2. To hide your identity
  3. Legal change of name




  • After you have logged on to facebook, at the top bar of the page, click on the settings tab and go to Account Settings (fig.1)



Facebook Account settings

fig.1 Facebook account settings.


  • Now the Account settings will load, we need to click "Change" on the name section (fig.2)

Facebook Account settings name change

fig.2  Facebook Name change


  • Now all you have to do is simply put in your new name in the correct fields (fig.3) and click the "change name" button


changing your name on facebook

fig.3 Facebook entering in a new name.


Congradulations you have now completed the how to change your name on facebook tutorial,we hope you found this useful.



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