Free PDF Creator

PDFCreator is an application for converting documents into Portable Document Format (PDF) format on Microsoft Windows operating systems. It works by engendering a virtual printer that prints to PDF files, and thereby sanctions virtually any application to engender PDF files by opting to print from within the application and then printing to the PDFCreator printer.

Since 2009, PDFCreator has included closed source adware, toolbars and other controversial software that is installed by default.

The application is indited in Microsoft Visual Basic and relinquished to the public at no charge. It works with 64-bit and 32-bit Windows versions including Windows 7, internally utilizing mostly 32-bit code. The authentic PDF generation is handled by Ghostscript, which is included in the setup packages.

Besides being installed as a virtual printer, PDFCreator can be associated with .ps files to manually convert PostScript to PDF format.

PDFCreator can convert to the following file formats: PDF (including PDF/A (1b) and PDF/X (X-3:2002, X-3:2003 and X-4), PNG, JPEG, SVG, TIFF, PS, EPS, TXT, PSD, PCL, BMP, PCX, RAW. It withal sanctions to digitally sign PDF documents.

Between 2009 and 2013 the installation package included a closed-source browser toolbar that was considered by many users to be malevolent software. Although technically an optional component, the opt-out procedure used to be a two-step process (prior to version 1.2.3), which was considered by many to be intentionally discombobulating.[7] In additament to the spyware activity described below, the toolbar sanctioned one-click engenderment of PDFs from the current webpage and included a search implement. As of version 1.2.3, the opt-out procedure only required unchecking one checkbox during the installation process.

Since version 0.8.1 RC9 (2005) PDFCreator fortifies access to its functionality via an ActiveX interface, sanctioning any COM enabled application to make utilization of its functionality.

Free PDFCreator sanctions the utilizer to incapacitate printing, facsimileing of text or images and modifying the pristine document. The utilizer can additionally optate between two types of passwords, utilizer and owner, to restrict PDF files in several ways. The former is required to open the PDF file, while the latter is indispensable in order to transmute sanctions and password. Encryption can be either 40-bit, compatible with Adobe Acrobat 3.0 or 4.0, or 128 bits for Acrobat 5.0 or higher.

Starting with version 0.9.6, there is plenary support for Windows Vista and version 0.9.7 provides support for Windows 7.