Free Rider 2

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Free Rider 2, is a great road-creating game. it has some great backgrounds, and you can control your vehicle while driving or hooning on the track! (dont forget to bookmark this page! ctrl+d)




Free Rider Controls:

      Key             Action  

  • UP Arrow          -  Accelerate (the back wheel turns).
  • DOWN Arrow   -   Brake (the front wheel stops).
  • RIGHT Arrow   -  Lean forward.
  • LEFT Arrow      - Lean backward.
  • X                       -  Turns your rider around.
  • Z                        -  Turns rider around.
  • CTRL                -   Drag the mouse while holding key to move the camera around the track.


Note: Press an ARROW key to return to the bike.
SPACE Bar or the ENTER key will reset the game and rider goes back to start position.ter will reset the game and rider goes back to start position.


Here are some Free Rider 2 tracks submitted by users of the site


here is an example of what your code you send might look like..

-18 1i 18 1i,-1m -42 -1n -2c,-t -3q -1k -31,-1j -2u -11 -2a,-o -23 4 -3q 1 -26,-e -2k 1 -2q,o -3k m -21,o -3f 1e -2u p -2j,2j -37 1h -2n 29 -1q,3g -33 2r -2n,2o -2m 36 -1i 3v -2g,3t -2i 3c -37,40 -1h 4h -2o 4l -23 57 -2j 51 -12,18 1j 35 3j gk 54,gi 54 i3 2d,9f 4e 17r -2g,17p -2f 1dv -2f 1dv -12,1e1 -12 1fc -12 1f9 6,1f9 9 1gp b 1gp 1e 1i1 1e 1i1 2m 1jg 2m 1jg 43 1l0 43 1kt 5o,1kt 5q 1vh a6,-19 1i -2p 3d -2h 3e -19 1q 13 1p 2p 3h 2c 3h v 22 -18 21 -2d 3h -26 3j -16 2a p 29 20 3g 1i 3e m 2f -14 2f -24 3m -1r 3n -13 2n,-11 2l f 2l 16 3d -2 5f -1q 3n,-2c -22 5e -i 5s -2t -29 -4n -2a -23##T 1l9 2o,T 1js 3c,T 1ii 26,T 1h4 t,T 1fr -2,T 1ed -1i,T 5b 3b